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Mickenlove’s (Bumpy) Path to Healing 2017-06-21T14:48:59+00:00

Mickenlove smileHerold was so determined to find care for his daughter that he knocked on Childspring International coordinator Seguinde’s door at dawn in search for help.

Mickenlove’s right leg protruded at an angle from her knee. Though she was able to go to school, her classmates teased her for her unusual gait. The pressure placed upon Mickenlove’s parents because of her condition caused them to separate. She and her father were outcasts, simply because they could not afford the surgery she needed. Thanks to Childspring’s partnership with a surgical team from Peachtree Orthopaedic, however, Mickenlove’s leg has been healed and the community’s reception of her has been renewed.

This brave young woman’s challenges didn’t end on the operating table, however: after surgery, 20150521_075757-Mickenlove-post sx-pic 4Mickenlove had to find transportation home. Because she lives in an area where cars are frequently attacked, she made the last part of her journey on the back of a motorcycle.

In gratitude for Mickenlove’s chance at a transformed life, Herold brought two other children to Seguinde’s home for medical treatment.

“I hope they will be as lucky as my daughter,” Herold said.

His church now prays for Childspring International and Seguinde three times daily and has asked Mickenlove to give testimony after her recovery.

Childspring feels blessed in its mission to heal children and families around the world.