5 Life-Changing Reasons to Become a Host Family

By Kielah Turner, Program Intern, Childspring International

Host Families are fundamental in helping Childspring achieve its mission. Without Host Families, we would not be able to provide life-changing surgeries for children around the world.

Host families are tasked with contributing safe and loving environments to cultivate healing and growth. This opportunity is deeply rewarding for host families and Childspring children. While we currently have our US-cases on hold to ensure the safety of children, host families, and medical providers during Covid-19, we wanted to share some information about our hosting program for those of you who may be interested in hosting in the future. So here are five great reasons to host with Childspring.

1. You get to accompany a child through surgery

Your support of a Childspring child is complementary to the medical care that they receive. In hosting, you are invited to support the child emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. Becoming a host family allows you to support a child from start to finish through a transformative time in their lives. This time also gives you the opportunity to experience transformation in your own life.

2. You have the opportunity to help a greater community

When Childspring children come to the US for surgery, they are entering into a life with greater health and more opportunities. The hope is that once the child returns home, they will have the ability to contribute in new ways to their local communities. Whether it be the ability to finally attend school or access future employment, Childspring children will return to enrich their communities in new ways.

3. You will learn about a new culture

Childspring has served children from over 50 countries. Childspring children bring with them their language and customs. This allows host families to experience a new culture and share their own. This unforgettable experience is one that can connect families and children to new parts of the world.

4. Your family will expand

When hosting a Childspring child, you and your family become the child’s family in the United States. They are integrated in all aspects of your daily life. It is a time where you are supporting a child during a transformational period and strong bonds will be formed. This unforgettable experience will always be in your heart.

5. You will have fun!

Childspring host families always remember the times of laughter and fun that they have while hosting. Children have the best sense of humor, especially when they are experiencing new things. From the first-time seeing snow or celebrating a new holiday, children bring light to our lives.

Becoming a Host Family with Childspring invites you and your family to participate in a new, fun, and enlightening experience. If you want to learn more about being a host family for one of our children, visit

To learn more about Childspring, visit, call us at 404–228–7744, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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