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Amarah's Post

7 months ago,  school was not even an option or possibility for 5 year old Amarah from rural La Gonave Island, Haiti. She was in extreme pain and walking was difficult.  Her future looked bleak and her mother had no intention of sending her to school. 

In March, a friend visiting La Gonave saw Amarah and put me in contact with her. Due to Amarahs condition and pain, Childspring fast tracked her application and surgery. 

She received fantastic care at the Haiti Adventist Hospital and 7 months later, has just started school with straight legs and a bright healthy future. She has transformed from a withdrawn shy little child who never smiled or left her home, to a bubbly, bright and outgoing little girl. She can now run and keep up with her fellow classmates. 

Amarahs mother is extremely grateful for the assistance CS gave her precious daughter.  Medical assistance she could never have dreamt of. The small village where they live is abuzz with excitement. A grandmother from the same village who is raising her granddaughter spoke to Amarahs mother. Her young granddaughter has a severely twisted club foot, also making walking painful and difficult.  Amarahs mother asked CS for help for the child. Her name is Rosedaica, and she is now also receiving her own life changing miracle from CS. 

Thank you Childspring

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